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About us

Health Focus of Southwest Virginia, formerly known as the Lewis-Gale Foundation, was founded in 1964 by a group of medical professionals and community leaders. Upon it’s founding, the Lewis-Gale Foundation’s Board of Directors proposed a primary purpose: “To encourage, support and promote medical progress in the Roanoke Valley.”

To achieve it’s goal of advocating for a healthier community, the Board created three specific courses of action:

  1. Encourage and facilitate continuing education by providing medical professionals a convenient place to keep abreast of advancements in their respective fields.

  2. “Needy and Worthy” students interested in pursuing careers in health care could receive financial assistance through scholarships.

  3. Collect and display “items of medical historical interest” in an effort to preserve medical history.

The Foundation eventually transitioned to an independent entity named Health Focus of Southwest Virginia. However, despite the name change, the missions and courses of action outlined above have remained the same.



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Health Focus of Southwest Virginia Has Served as a Community Health Education Center since 1964
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Health Focus has awarded $3.9 million in scholarships for health career students since 1966, primarily to Virginia residents and/or those attending Virginia schools


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