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Medical Education

Continuing Medical Education Program


Health Focus is a founding member of the Continuing Medical Education (CME) of Southwestern Virginia Board of Directors*. CME of Southwestern Virginia is an accredited provider of continuing medical education, planned and implemented following the essential areas and policies of the Medical Society of Virginia. At no cost to the participant, programs are made available in conjunction with LewisGale Medical Center and are open to all physicians and medical personnel in the community.

* It was first started by The Lewis-Gale Foundation in the late 1960s with the Whitman Lectures when Lewis-Gale was located in downtown Roanoke. In the 1970s, bimonthly conferences were begun, and in 1982 Lewis-Gale Consortium was formed and accredited by the Medical Society of Virginia.  The organization was established by The Lewis-Gale Foundation, Lewis-Gale Hospital and Lewis-Gale Clinic.  These three organizations have remained the critical components of what is now known as Continuing Medical Education of Southwestern Virginia.

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